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Kidney like gland.

Ether like chemical, (more often called MILAC).

Funeral like ceremony.

Actors in more than one episode
There are several actors who appear in more than one episode, but as different characters:

Terry Beaver appears as "Newcomer Cop" in The Alien Nation Pilot and as "Sgt. Dustin Baxley" in Partners.

Diane Civita appears as "Jill's Mother" in The Alien Nation Pilot and as "Penny" in Dark Horizond.

Joe Hoke appears as "The newcomer cop" in Green Eyes and as "The cop" in Real Men.

Michael Milhoan appears as "Officer #1" in The Night of Screams and "The Cop" in The Spirit of '95. Okay, so both those two above are cops in both episodes, but are they the same cops...?

Joel Polis appears as "Dr Windsor" in Fountain of Youth and as "Carl Peterson" in Contact.

Jeff Skier appears as "The Delivery Man" in The First Cigar and as "The guest" in Real Men.

Tiny Ron appears as "The Gaint" in Body & Soul and "Queen Mother" in Udara Legacy.

Brian Thompson appears as "Trent Porter" in Alien Nation The Motion Picture and as "Peter Rabbit" in Rebirth. This makes him the only actor to appear in both the original motion picture and the TV series. Strictly speaking Roger Aaron Brown also appears in both as "Bill Tuggle", but his appearance in the TV pilot is only via an inserted clip from the original film.

There is also a school of thought that says that two of Cathy's "boyfriends" who appear in the show, are played by the same person. Tom Zimmerle appears as "Daniel Webster" in "Chains of Loved" and Tom Zimerle (one "M") appears as "Joshua Tree" in "Green eyes". However, since Daniel Webster does not actually appear on screen (presumably just the cutting room floor), but his voice is distinctly different from Joshua Tree, I tend to believe that this was not a typo in the credits.

Ahpossno is played by Scott Patterson

Ahpossno is a CHEKKAH, a member of an elite overseer unit. He befriends Cathy and the Francisco's to aid him in his mission to recapture the aliens, with only Matt being suspicious of him. Ahpossno is charming as well as deadly, pretending to advocate a return to Tenctonese traditions to ingratiate himself with the other Newcomers. But is Ahpossno's love for Cathy his greatest weakness or his greatest strength?

Trivia - Number of episodes that Ahpossno appears in is 1 (a main character in TV film).

Scott Patterson's other Credits include:
Little Big League, The Return of Ironside and Intent to Kill

Newcomer sperm

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is played by Jeff Marcus

Albert Einstein's Tenctonese name is Glenza

Albert is a Binnaum who works as a janitor at the police station. He is not so obviously bright as many of the other Tenctonese, hence the joke name that he was given by the immigration officials. However, Albert is not as stupid as he may first seem. He just has an intelligence that is the most alien of all of the characters. A kind and innocent man he always cares about others. Since Albert was Binnaum to his two youngest children, George tries to look after and help him. Albert has left the Binnaum religious order, to which many of them belong, and is attempting to live a normal life. We see Albert gradually grow in confidence and even get a girl friend, May O'Naize.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Albert appears in is 17.

Jeff Marcus' other credits include:
Stage Credit Include - "Almost an Eagle" and "The Survivor"
T.V. Credits Include -roles in the made for television films: "Family business", "Eleanor: First lady of the world", "Senior trip", "The 13th. floor" and "Playing for time".
Film Credits Include -"Promised Land", "Endless love", "The chosen" and "When tomorrow hits".

The male half of the Newcomer religious diad.

A chemical change in the Newcomer body.

The nerve cluster under the armpit of Newcomers is particularly sensitive. Being hit here has a similar effect as a blow to the testicles with a human. A severe blow, with enough accuracy, can be fatal.

Newcomer seminal fluid.

A Newcomer ball game played on courts.

Beatrice Zepeda
Detective Beatrice Zepeda is played by Jenny Gago

Zepeda is a newly appointed detective who is keen to be accepted in her new role. She tries to offer Matt sisterly advice on his relationship with Cathy. However, the most dangerous gift of all is advice.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Zepeda appears in is 6.

Jenny Gago's other credits include:
My Family, Nowhere to Hide, Because Mommy Works, Bound by Honor, Sweet 15, Unspeakable Acts, "DEA", Old Gringo, Out on a Limb, Best Seller, No Man's Land, Innerspace, Convicted: A Mother's Story, Valentino Returns, Shattered Spirits, Irreconcilable Differences, The Lonely Guy, The Man With Two Brains, Women of San Quentin, Under Fire, A Gun in the House, "Knots Landing" and "The Young and the Restless"

Bill Tuggle
Bill Tuggle is played by Roger Aaron Brown

Bill "Tuggs" Tuggle is Matt's partner and best friend. Tuggs also acts as a calming influence on Matt, in the same way that George will. When he is killed by Anderson Matt is forced to take George as his new partner to enable him to get a lead in the closed society of little Tencton.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Tuggs appears in is 1 and the original film.

Roger Aaron Brown's other credits include:
Don't Cry it's only Thunder, China Moon and Foster, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Laurie, The District (2000), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) and RoboCop 2 (1990) 

Oil used during pod ejection

The third Newcomer sex, similar to the male, who supplies catalysing emission during procreation. Binnaums tend to have larger head spot markings. Albert is a BINNAUM

Blentu is played by Trevor Edmond

Blentu is one of the leaders of the Newcomer gang that Buck is a member of. He makes Buck fight the whole gang when Buck says that he wishes to leave the street gang, after the shooting incident of the pilot episode.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Blentu appears in is 3.

Trevor Edmond's other credits include:
For Keeps

Very contagious Newcomer disease that also affects humans

Bryon Grazer
Bryon Grazer is played by Ron Fassler

Captain Bryon Grazer is a cigar smoking, ambitious career cop, who often puts his personal advancement at the top of the list of his priorities. Grazer is not a bad captain and will not railroad his men, but Matt and George occasionally have to shame him into doing the right thing.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Bryon Grazer appears in is 20.

Ron Fassler's other credits include:
Stage Credit Include -"Cloud 9", "The buddy system", "Poor little lambs", "Slab boys" and "Censored scenes from King Kong".
T.V. Credits Include - "Absent minded professor", "L.A. Law", "Night court", "St Elsewhere", "Perry Mason", "The Slap Maxwell story", "Day by day", "Beverly Hills Buntz", "Silk stalkings", "Matlock", "Sisters", "Facts of Life", "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Max Headroom".
Film Credits Include - "Camp Nowhere", "Cops and Robbersons", "Child's Play 3", "Gremlins 2", "Elvis & The Colonel, the untold story"

Buck Francisco
Buck Francisco is played by Sean Six

Buck Francisco's Tenctonese name is Finiksa

Buck is the only character whose Tenctonese Name was not changed from the original Fox writer's guide, when filming of the series started.

Buck is the son of George and Susan. Described as the alien without a cause, Buck starts off as a teenage rebel, running with a Tenctonese street gang, and fighting with human teenagers but gradually we see him mellowing and finding himself. Like many Tenctonese males Buck has strong "maternal" instincts and spends a lot of his spare time taking care of Vessna when she is born. Eventually we see him follow his father into the Police force.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Buck appears in is 23.

Sean Six's other credits include:
Stage Credit Include - "The fiddler on the roof", "Spring Awakening", "Fallen Angel", "Rift" and "Stalin Alle"
T.V. Credits Include - "Something is out there", "The Ice man cometh" and "To my daughter"
Film Credits Include - "Thirteen" and "Rough Trade"

Burns is played by Jeff Doucette

Burns is a hack newspaper reporter, who works the Little Tencton area of Los Angeles. Burns is always keen to get most outrageous angle on any story, especially those involving the Newcomers. He has very little regard for the truth or how his stories will inflame feelings against the Tenctonese. Matt in particular holds Burns in contempt.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Burns appears in is 7.

Jeff Doucette's other credits include:
Someone She Knows, Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg, Midnight Runaround, Mom and Dad Save the World, Martians Go Home, Syngenor, Terror on Highway 91, The Best of Times, Splash, "Newhart", Babylon 5: The River of Souls, Flight to Tangier and Bedazzled

Cathy Frankel
Cathy is played by Terri Treas

Cathy Frankel's Tenctonese name is Gelana

Cathy's Tenctonese name was originally spelt Jelana, in the first episode.

Cathy is a biochemist and successful in her field, but like many of the Tenctonese she faces discrimination in her private life. It is when Matt saves her from an attack by a gang in the street that she starts to take more than a passing interest in him. Having a Human boyfriend is also regarded as bit of a status symbol for a Tenctonese woman. Cathy is a down to earth, practical sort of person who uses her position and knowledge to help Matt and George on several occasions.

Terri Treas was originally intended to play Susan Francisco, but she persuaded Kenneth Johnson to let her have the part of Cathy instead.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Cathy appears in is 21.

Terri Treas' other credits include:
Stage Credit Include - "Pal Joey", "Pippin", "Dancin'" and "Working"
T.V. Credits Include - "Murphy Brown", "Santa Barabra", "Seven brides for seven brothers", "Simon & Simon", "Jake and the fatman", "Nothing in Common", "Home for Christmas", "The Famous Teddy Z" and "Matlock"
Film Credits Include - "The fabulous Baker boys", "House 4", "The best little whorehouse in Texas", "The Nest", "Yankee Zulu", "Little Miss Millions", "Frankenstein Unbound", "Nightmare on the 13th Floor", "Deathstalker III: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell", "The Terror Within", "Something in Common", "So Fine", "Headin' for Broadway" and "Rage and honour".

Newcomer facial glands

An under ground meeting place used in ancient Tenctonese society. A replica is made in Gimme' Gimme'

Matriarchal religious system

The female half of the Newcomer religious diad.

The main Tenctonese religion. A follower of the teachings of ANDARKO and CELINE. The Francisco's are all Celinists

Tenctonese religion

A spider-web like cocoon placed in the main living area, that Newcomer children enter when still small children, for eleven months. They are surrounded by loved ones but isolated and protected. This helps harmonise the senses

Newcomer elite overseer reconnaissance unit

Love nest

Doctor who performed horrific experiments on the slave ship

Newcomer Bone disorder

Newcomer glands that produce the following three enzymes: Bardok, Rosto and Yunosi (also called Unost)

Newcomer gift of friendship

Holiday celebrating arrival on Earth. Supposedly 19th. October, 1990

Desk Sgt Rankin
Desk Sgt Rankin is played by Arthur Seidel

Desk Sgt Rankin is one of the background figures in the series. He only appears fleetingly in the episodes where he features. Sgt Rankin also seems to have a chequered service record, since he starts in "The Spirit of '95" as a sergeant, gets demoted to plain officer Rankin in "Partners" and is promoted again to sergeant in "Real Men". Arthur Seidel was also a producer on the show.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Rankin appears in is 3

Ceremonial covering cloth for daroks and Tenctonese chests

Revered one, "being" of honour for Day of descent

Usually a derogatory overseer's term for slaves, but actually means cargo

Elder in the order of Binnaum

Newcomer head glands

In their work Matt and George come across several different new illegal drugs, including: JACK / JOMAPHRON and SS'JABROKA

A "no gas" tablet that counteracts the effects of the "Holy gas", used to control the slaves
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Newcomer "untouchables" who were in charge of waste disposal on the slave ship. Forced to feed themsleves from the waste, they sometimes had to eat the bodies of the dead. Some have grey and poorly deffined head spots

When on the ship the Elders acted as a sort of secret government in exile. Here on Earth they are still consulted and held in esteem. Uncle Moodri was an elder

Emily Francisco
Emily Francisco is played by Lauren Woodland

Emily Francisco's Tenctonese name is Dareveen

Almost all of the characters had different names in the original Fox writer's guide. Emily was originally to be called  Devoosha. She is never called by her Tenctonese name in the series. Dareveen is from the script of Dark Horizon, but that scene was cut from the final film.

Emily is George and Susan's daughter. She was quite young when the slave ship crashed on Earth and so has tended to adapt to human ways more easily than some of the older members of the Francisco household. As the only Tenctonese person at her school she faces a lot of abuse from the other children, but gradually make's friends especially with Jill, even though her mother is a member of the Purists.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Emily appears in is 19.

Lauren Woodland's other credits include:
Stage Credit Include - "The Nutcracker" and "Romeo and Juliet"
T.V. Credits Include - "The Dom DeLuise Show", "Brooklyn Bridge", "L.A. Law", "St. Elsewhere", "The Judge" and "Quantum leap"
Film Credits Include - "Body Count", "Frame up", "Super Star", "Cover up", "Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Story" and "When You Remember Me"

Newcomer male enzyme

Newcomer male menopause

Main Newcomer male sex who fertilises during procreation. George, Buck and Moodri are all GANNAUMs

George Francisco
Detective Sergeant George Francisco is played by Eric Pierpoint

George Francisco's Tenctonese name is Stangya

George is most people's favourite character in the Alien Nation television series. It is interesting to note that this character was originally intended to be called George Jetson, but copyright problems stopped this. Almost all of the characters had different names in the original Fox writer's guide. George was originally to be called Nicto, but at they reverted to the character's film name, Stangya to maintain continuity.

George is a family man and always tries to do the right thing, both in his private and professional lives. He occasionally requires the more cynical Matt to balance his trusting nature. However, George is no doormat and as time goes by we see his ambition come to the fore. George is also keen to fit in with mainstream human society, which at times irritates Susan and especially Buck.
Stangya was originally given the joke human name of Sam Francisco, but Matt made him change it to George.

Trivia - Number of episodes that George appears in is 27.

Eric Pierpoint's other credits include:
Stage credits Include - "A midsummer's night dream", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "A Street car named desire" and "Sly Fox".
T.V. Credits Include - "In the heat of the night", "Fame", "Hill Street Blues", "Beauty and the beast", "Hot Pursuit", "WIOU", "Party of Five", "Time Trax" and "Star Trek".
Film Credits Include - "Invaders from Mars", "Windy City", "Forever Young", "Children of the Dark" and "Dumping Ground".

Eric recounts the tale of the day a spectator to the filming asked him, "Hey man! How long does it take you to put that head make-up on?" 
"About half an hour.", replied Eric.
The next question was "And how long does it take you to get that nose on".
"Not long, it's my own nose." Was the response.

Embalming fluid

Newcomer glands located under the armpits

The name of the Tenctonese slave ship that crashed on Earth

Embryonic pod carried by the LINNAUM (Tenctonese female) for the first half the pregnancy before being transferred to the GANNAUM (male) for the second half of the pregnancy
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Drug used to lower temperature in the Tenctonese body

Gas used on the slave ship to subdue the slaves

Newcomer erogenous gland of the back

Humming of the spots, Newcomer foreplay

Goddess of CELENITIPRA religious system

Illegal heroin like drug which effects both Humans and Newcomers. Also known as JOMAPHRON

Jill Molaskey
Jill Molaskey is played by Molly Morgan in the series and by Risa Schiffman in Dark Horizon

Jill is a young girl who lives across the road from the Franciscos and goes to the same school as Emily. While her mother is a Purist, Jill's initial coldness, caused by the other children's peer pressure, soon thaws as Emily helps her in her lessons.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Jill appears in is 6.

Molly Morgan's other credits include:
The Trigger Effect, Meth Head and "The Big Bang Theory"

Risa Schiffman's other credits include:
It nearly Wasn't Christmas and Camp Cucamonga

Illegal heroin like drug which effects both Humans and Newcomers. Also known as JACK

A small polished stone given to the traveller to bring good luck.

Tenctonese ceremonial drum. Played by Emily to the annoyance of everyone else and acting as a catalyst for Matt's amusing and revealing nightmare scene in "Body and Soul"

Felt balls containing aromatic and therapeutic Tenctonip or Nunip, which has the a similar effect on the Tenctonese as Catnip does on cats

Decorative wedding altar in the shape of a ceremonial boat (for the new journey together) into which the happy couple place their SERDSO during the wedding

Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson is the executive producer and one of the main driving forces of the Alien Nation television series. He has a distinguished list of film and television credits that place him among the industry's top writers, produces and directors. Kenneth Johnson's other credits include: The original "V" mini-series; "The Incredible Hulk"; "Sherlock Holmes Returns", "The Liberators", "Shadow Chasers", "Hot Pursuit", "Senior Trip" and the director of "Short Circuit 2".

Asked why his work traditionally has a humanistic approach, Ken Johnson reflects back to an afternoon in the seventh grade, "I had the opportunity to see all the films from the Nuremberg Trials", he recalls. "It gave me a sense of man's enormous inhumanity to his fellow creatures. I found my psyche enlighten and focused. Something happened that staggered me. I realised the greatest value an artist can impart, is to try to bring people together as opposed to alienating them".

Fox originally intended Alien Nation to be a simple buddy type cop show, with the twist that one of the cops was an Alien. However, Kenneth Johnson would only agree to do the series if it were shot from the prospective of the Earth's newest minority race. This allowed important issues such as racism and sexism to be dealt with at a more accessible, one step removed, prospective i.e. that of the Tenctonese.

Overseer, they controlled the slaves on the ship. It can also mean demon

Newcomer male hormone

Like goose bumps

Newcomer disease like pneumonia

Part of the stomach pod pouch of male Newcomer

Newcomer female sex who carries the HAFFACOTA/ or embryonic pod, until it is transferred to the male, half way through the pregnancy. Susan, Cathy, Emily and Vessna are all LINNAUMs

Slum area of Los Angeles, where many of the Tenctonese live

Lois Allen
Dr Lois Allen is played by Michelle Lamar Richards

Lois is the coroner that George and Matt have the greatest amount of dealings with, in their work. She is an efficient worker with a business like attitude. Lois finds Matt's irreverence slightly irritating.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Lois appears in is 7.

Michelle Lamar Richards' other credits include:
Top Dog, Jack Reed: Badge of Honor and The Bodyguard

Lorraine Clark
Lorraine Clark is played by Barbara Bush in The Touch and Green Eyes and by Susana Thompson in Dark Horizon

Lorraine is a social worker who meets Matt in the course of their work. Lorraine shares Matt's love of junk food and this proves an attraction for him, compared to the vegetarian Cathy. She wastes no time in pouncing on Matt, when he breaks up with Cathy.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Lorraine appears in is 3.

Barbara Bush's other credits include:
Between Friends, Ernest Goes to Jail, Pacific Heights, Naked Gun 2 1/2, Hero and Dave

Tenctonese spiritual religious cult

Marc Guerin
Marc Guerin is played by David Purdham

Marc Guerin is a Purist working for Phyllis Bryant. He is her chief henchman and is given responsibility for piloting the helicopter that will spray the Purist's virus over L.A. so killing all of the Tenctonese.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Guerin appears in is 2.

David Purdham's other credits include:
Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge, My Girl 2, Rockford Files: I Still Love L.A., Judgment Day: The John List Story, The Switch, For Their Own Good, Hart to Hart Returns, Defending Your Life, Murder in Black and White and Lily in Love

Marilyn Houston
Marilyn Houston is played by Kim Braden

Marilyn is Buck's English teacher. When Buck asks for extra literary lessons he and the older, human teacher find themselves drawn to one another. Marilyn eventually leaves Buck's school, rather than risk staying and having an affair with him.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Marilyn appears in is 2.

Kim Braden other credits include:

Newcomer glands located near the spine, which controls puberty

Matthew (Matt) Sikes
Matt Sikes is played by Gary Graham

Note the alteration of the spelling of Sykes from the film.

Detective Sergeant Matthew Sikes is a hard bitten Human policeman, more interested in chasing criminals than paper work. His normally casual appearance in no way reflects Matt's true competence. Sikes starts with a strain of bigotry in him with regard to the Tenctonese, which is made worse when his original partner is killed by one. However, as Sikes sees his own bigotry reflected in others, so his attitudes slowly alter. He accepts the Franciscos and even starts to fall in love with Cathy, his Tenctonese neighbour.

It is with some embarrassment that Sikes finds out that his name sounds like two Tenctonese words, SS'AI and K'SS which mean excrement and cranium.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Matt appears in is 27.

Gary Graham's other credits include:
Stage Credits Include - "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Mould builders"
T.V. Credits Include - "Scruples", "Atlanta Child Murders", "Moonlighting", "Remington Steel", "Hunter", "The Commish", "Grace under fire" and "Star Trek: Voyager".
Film Credits Include - "Trapped Beneath the Earth", "Love is a gun", "Dirty Dozen 3", "Necronomicon", "Hardcore", "Hollywood Knights", "All the right moves", "The Arrogant", "Robojox", "Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story", "Danger Island", "Man Trouble", "The Last Warrior", "Money on the Side", "Thou Shalt Not Kill", "No Place to Hide", "Fire on the Mountain" and "In the best interest of the children".

May O'Naize
May O'Naize is played by Dana Anderson
May's Tenctonese name is Okiana

May has a menial job, as the samwich girl, working at the police station with Albert. She has a shy and sensitive personality, similar to Albert's who has long loved May from afar. When Albert realises they may both be killed by the purists' virus he finally makes his feelings known.

Trivia - Number of episodes that May appears in is 2.

Dana Anderson's other credits include:
Outbreak, He Said She Said, Montana, Ginger Ale Afternoon, Under the Influence, O.C. & Stiggs and The Karate Kid

Ether like chemical, (sometimes also called /orkas)

Newcomer christening like ceremony

Newcomer breech birth. (Vessna was NABAROTE.)

Long armed sticks, netted at one end and clubbed at the other, used in the team game Zepro

Term of affection like darling, honey or sweetheart


"Politically correct" term for the Tenctonese aliens

A Halloween like Tenctonese festival, held by the followers of Tagdot to celebrate his murderous deeds

A rare Newcomer disease caused by the nitrogen-hydrogen ratio of the earth's atmosphere. It affects the respiratory function and the spinal column

A group of Slave colonies where the Tenctonese aboard the Gruza worked

Babies play wheel

Turntable for Newcomer babies, good for the harmony of their being and also used as a calmer

Gladiatorial like sport contested between two club wielding fighters

Collective sense of doom

Phyllis Bryant
Phyllis Bryant is played by Lee Bryant

Phyllis Bryant is the leader of the Purist group which stole the anti-Newcomer bacteria and killed its inventor. She is dedicated to the destruction of all the Tenctonese on Earth.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Phyllis appears in is 2.

Lee Bryant's other credits include:
Deathmask, Solomon Northrup's Odyssey, Airplane II: The Sequel, "T.J. Hooker", Airplane! and Capricorn One

Newcomer foetus encased in a shell, ejected by the female and carried by the male

Celenist funeral like ceremony

Mumps like disease

A Tenctonese box which is regarded as a religious icon. The box has the ability to generate a virtual reality world that is in sympathy with the user's mood and expectations.

Newcomer back spots. These are an erogenous zone and can provoke a strong reaction if not treated with respect, as Matt finds out when he kisses Cathy's POTNIKI spots, in "Body and Soul"


Protective poisonous slime, excreted by Newcomer baby deprived of Yespian (Mother's milk)

Principal Fisher
Principal Fisher is played by Haskell V. Anderson III

Buck has several run-ins with Principal Fisher, who is not particularly well disposed to Buck after he was put on probation. It all comes to a head when the relationship between Buck and Marilyn Houston starts to become more than just student and teacher.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Fisher appears in is 2

Human quasi-fascist group, dedicated to fighting Tenctonese emancipation. The more extreme members want the total destruction of the aliens

Sweet preparation fluid to aid the departed on the way to Celine. (Tenctonese embalming fluid)

Given off by pregnant Newcomer females, very arousing to Newcomer males

The Tenctonese have several religions. The Francisco's are Celinists, who follow the teachings of Andarko and Celine. Uncle Moodri was a Celenitipra, a religion which is matriarchal in it's belief and Cathy is a member of a Buddhist like religion

Richard Dobbs
Detective Sergeant Richard Dobbs is played by Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Dobbs is a wise guy black detective, who finds the Tenctonese a bit of a pain. However, his initial antagonism especially to Albert, due to the Newcomer's clumsiness, mellows and eventually he tries to bring Albert and May together.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Dobbs appears in is 9.

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs' other credits include:
Indecent Behavior, The Jacksons: An American Dream, Quietfire, Kill Crazy, L.A. Heat, Paramedics, The Annihilators, "Rituals", For the Love of It, The Comedy Company, "Roots", Cooley High, "Welcome Back, Kotter" and Claudine

Tenctonese skin disorder, brought on by stress

Roscoe Brennan
Dr Roscoe Brennan is played by Teddy Wilson

Roscoe is the oldest of the coroners that Matt and George have dealings with. Twitching his neatly trimmed moustache, he gives the impression of having seen it all before as he happily chats about a Newcomer corpse that has been almost destroyed by sea water, while our two detectives look on, feeling queasy.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Roscoe appears in is 2.

Teddy Wilson's other credits include:
Kiss Shot, The Vagrant, Life Stinks and Bound by Honor

Mineral once mined by the Tenctonese slaves

Newcomer aphrodisiac and bonding drug

The touch. The touching of temples, love is received through the temples

Tenctonese blessing

Metal chain each link of which is made by the previous generation and handed down to the next

Octagonal shaped crystal ornament owned by all Tenctonese, legend has it the SERDSO contains the owner's soul. Duels were once fought over them

Another name for "Little Tencton" the slum area of Los Angeles, where most of the Tenctonese live

Abusive slang term for the Tenctonese

Applying pressure underneath the ear valleys of a Newcomer will cause them to black-out. George uses this hold on Cathy in "Dark Horizon" and the giant in "Body and Soul". Mr Spock eat your heart out!

Newcomer psychological condition of having no self, still having a slave mentality

Gland which regulates Newcomer metabolism

The area of the slave ship where Cherboke and Vesant conducted their experiments

Babies hanging cradle for MOOCTEEBUTI

Drug used originally in the slave mining colonies to reward and control the Tenctonese. When taken in large quantities it produces a frightening change in the aliens. Their size and musculature increases, the skin becomes hard and scaly, the skull swollen with razor-sharp fangs. Alternative spellings used in the novels are: JABROKA and ZHABROKAH

Susan Francisco
Susan Francisco is played by Michele Scarabelli

Susan Francisco's Tenctonese name is Oblakah

Almost all of the characters had different names in the original Fox writer's guide. Susan was originally to be called  Appy. She is never called by her Tenctonese name in the series. Oblakah is from the script of Dark Horizond, but that scene was cut from the final film.

Wife of George, Susan is a caring mother to Buck, Emily and Vessna. She is a talented artist and works for an advertising agency. By always making Matt welcome in their home, Susan helps greatly in his gradual acceptance of the Francisco family. However, she is still very much her own women and capable of being fierce if the need arises.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Susan appears in is 27.

Michele Scarabelli's other credits include:
Stage Credit Include - "Tape recorder" and "Chamber music"
T.V. Credits Include - "Airwolf II", "Dallas", "Okavango", "FLTRR", "Labour of love", "The Colony", "Age-old Friends", "The Wrong Woman", "The Ruling Passion", "A Month of Sundays", "Night heat", "Philip Marlowe", "War of the worlds", "Beverly Hills, 90210", "Dudley" and "Star Trek".
Film Credits Include - "Dead Bolt", "I don't buy kisses anymore", "The Hotel New Hampshire", "Perfect Timing", "Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster", "Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter", "The High Price of Passion", "Breaking All the Rules", "Letting Go", "The Funny Farm" and "Cover girl".

Svabo is played by Noon Orsatti

Svabo is one of the leaders of the Newcomer gang that Buck is a member of. It is Svabo who is first arrested by Dobbs for shooting a human gang member. When Svabo realises that he is likely to go to jail for Buck's crime, he gives Dobbs the true culprit.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Svabo appears in is 3.

Noon Orsatti's other credits include:
Benny & Joon

A green worm-like creature that was a popular food treat with Tenctonese children on the slave ship

Mythical nightmarish warrior of legend who slayed his foes by severing their hands and leaving them to bleed to death. He is recalled in the Halloween like "Night of screams"

Hormone producing glands

The home planet of the Tenctonese race

Alien slave race now living free on Earth. The Tenctonese look generally similar to Humans, but have no hair, instead they have large spot like markings on their heads and down their spines. The Aliens are 30% stronger and 20% smarter than the average human. Tenctonese is also the name of the language spoken by the aliens

The Tenctonese translator program for Alien Nation fans

Newcomer day of descent beads

Derogatory term for human, derives from terran

Line shaped spotting of head or back

A village on Tencton.

Newcomer samurai like warrior. They waged a terrorist campaign against the overseers, on the ship

Uncle Moodri
Uncle Moodri is played by James Greene

Moodri is George's uncle and a member of the Elders. He practises the old Tenctonese ways, much to the exasperation of George, reminding the Franciscos of the Tenctonese traditions. While he appears a bit spaced-out, Moodri has a certain mystical quality, which he uses to help all of the family at one time or another.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Moodri appears in is 4.

James Greene's other credits include:
Thin Ice, Terrorist on Trial, Philadelphia Experiment 2 and Nowhere to Run

Ritual Wedding bath

Given by the LUIBOF cult to bring comfort

Cherboke's best surgeon and chief acomplice

Ornate bowl used to hold the family's gifts for a moocteebuti

Vessna Francisco
Vessna Francisco is portrayed by a rather clever puppet. Vessna's puppet is operated by Eric Allard

The baby of the family, Vessna is the Francisco's youngest daughter. She was born on Earth, being delivered by Matt, who is also her godfather.

Trivia - Number of episodes that Vessna appears in is 6

Name of the pod transferring ceremony

Tenctonese Russian roulette wheel, which sprays a jet of salt water into the chest of the unlucky looser.

Tenctonese colony.

Mothers milk

Fourth class citizen in old Tenctonese cast society. Usually of lower intelligence

Tenctonese team game played with NEELEXES