E-m@ilion Nation - Alien Nation Internet News

By Dennis Maciuszek

Hi, fellow Alien Nation fans! You've already noticed this new name above the column, and now you're wondering: What happened to Becky ? Well, she just can't do the column anymore, so she and Pete have chosen me as her successor.

I think, we all have to thank Becky for doing a great job over a very long time (at least for longer than I've been a member). She's been our guide to many wonderful places in the virtual world. Her homepage (about A.N., Babylon 5 and wildlife photography) will still be around at http://www.visi.com/~wildfoto.

E-m@ilian Nation won't change too much anyway, except that I won't be able to report on new U.S. or U.K. magazine articles, simply because I'm from far-away Germany. I am going to tell you when something exciting A.N. related happens over here.

The Alien Nation Mailing List

You've got an e-mail address but you're not a member of the A.N. mailing list ? Come on, why don't you join us - the list is really a fantastic thing ! The best since 'diced bread'.

So what is a 'mailing list' ? Basically, it's some kind of discussion group on the Internet where people from all over the world are talking via e-mails. The list members send their mails to a central address through which it is distributed to everyone else on the list. People use the list to ask questions about the series, post new airdates or website addresses, trade A.N. items or simply debate each others' opinions of the show. So far, we've discussed Matt's hairstyle, George's spots, if Uncle Moodri was a hippie, how Matt was resurrected in Rebirth (no one really knows), how Cathy changed from series to movies, Susan's goals in life... and, as a recent weekly habit, about the scenes and issues of the latest episode on the Sci-Fi Channel (nok e vot to Nikki for starting this). You can read everything we've written on the list's archive page located at http://archives.mlists.com/archives/tencton-l.

Anyway, you get to meet a nice bunch of people on the list. You join by sending the message subscribe Tencton-L to majordomo@mlists.com (unsubscribe'ing works the same way). After confirming the subscription, you will then receive a mail from our list hosts Matt, Gayle & Kynn describing all the details on how to use the list and what the rules are.

Alien Nation Websites

There are two huge Sci-Fi film sites with A. N. sections. You can download three promo photos from the TV series showing Matt and the Franciscos from http://www.moviebbs.com/gallery/ aliennat/page1.htm. Four colour shots from The Udara Legacy (with a short introduction to the film's plot) can be found at http://www.mania.com/tv/features/aliennation.html.

Things get a little stranger when in an interview at http://www1.riven.com/backstage/ language.html one of the creators of the popular computer game Riven (who talks about including an exotic language in the game) admits he once tried to learn Tenctonese (nok e vot to Susan for this info) !

The best news for us ANAS members, however, is the return of Click & Hum ! Well, not in print, but Debbie Norton has now put up a website with Alien Nation fans' stories and poems. Visit http://www.netspace.net.au/~debbien. Send stories to debbien@netspace.net.au.

I promise to write more on the subject of fan fiction next issue.  There might also be some German news then. That's all for now, hope you liked my first column. 'CU' in two months or on the mailing list :-)

Have you created a website or know of a good one ? I want to know about it. Please send your messages (comments, questions...) to D.Maciuszek@tu-bs.de (subject: TENCTON PLANET).