E-m@ilion Nation - Alien Nation Internet News

By Dennis Maciuszek

Hi ! I hope you're all well, and if not you have at least some Alien Nation tapes around to brighten up your life - or an access to the Internet to explore the virtual world of Alien Nation... Because a return of our favourite series on FOX seems more and more unlikely, we have decided on the A.N. mailing list to start another letter writing campaign, this time to the Sci-Fi Channel asking them to pick up Alien Nation for another season. Facts are they once saved 'Sliders' from cancellation by FOX ! Also A.N.'s re-runs (series and Dark Horizon) seem to do quite well there. So why not thank them for their airing A.N., and ask for new episodes (with our favourite characters and by Kenneth Johnson's creative team) - you can write to: THE SCI-FI CHANNEL, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10020, USA (e-mail: programming@scifi.com)

Sci-Fi's A.N. website, http://www.scifi.com/aliennation, now includes a discussion forum for viewers (click on 'BBoard'). The series is also repeated in Canada on Space: The Imagination Station; check out their schedules at http://www.spacecast.com. In Germany Enemy Within ('Der Feind ist unter uns') and Udara Legacy ('Das Udara-Vermaechtnis') are now available to rent from video libraries.

Alien Nation Fan Fiction

The Internet is a good place to spread your creative works and find out what other fans make out of our favourite TV characters. Click & Hum, the Alien Nation story fanzine, is now online at its new address http://members.tripod.com/~Click_and_Hum. On Debbie Norton's website you can read brand new stories, as well as classic tales from now sold out paper issues.

And don't hesitate about sending your own A. N. stories to Debbie (debbien@netspace.net.au; 'snail' mail: Click & Hum, 11 Morris Court, Springvale North, Victoria, 3171, Australia; or via Pete). For C&H you can write any kind of story as long as it centres around the A.N. characters (established or new ones); same with poems, artwork (Debbie will scan your pictures and put them on the website) and character studies (analyse a character's personality, or 'invite' one of them for an interview).

More A.N. fanfic can be found at the ANAS site, http://www.timg.demon.co.uk/anas.htm (Tim's adaptation of 'The Change') or at http://indigo.ie/~fdarcy/anfic001.htm (Elizabeth Mansfield's 'Once Upon A Wedding'). I think it'd be wonderful if all authors sent their stories, which appear somewhere on the net, have disappeared from the net or were published in old fanzines, to the C&H page. It could become an archive of all A.N. stories. As A.N. isn't everything, here are some fanfic resources for The X-Files (http://www.gossamer.simplenet.com), Lois and Clark (http://www.tempus.simplenet.com), Babylon 5 (http://www.anxst.com/b5), Star Trek (http://www.pitt.edu/~djtst18/st_ff.html) and Kenneth Johnson's 'V' (http://members.aol.com/babseyd/vfanfic.htm).

Alien Nation Websites

Two more A.N. sites made by fans: http://members.aol.com/earlcook/alien.htm is part of the 'GloriAon' pages and very nicely designed. English fan Antony Heald has an excellent site with ep guides, character info etc, visit him at http://freespace.virgin.net/antony.heald/alien_nation. Finally, I found another company (in Minneapolis) who are selling Newcomer head props (http://www.startifacts.com - you better just look at the pictures, not the prices !). Nok e vot, Debbie, Gail and the people on the A.N. list who helped me with information. 'BCNU' next issue...

Would you like to see your homepage address in the Tencton Planet ? Do you have information, questions or comments? Please e-mail me: D.Maciuszek@tu-bs.de (subject: TENCTON PLANET).