E-m@ilion Nation - Alien Nation Internet News

By Dennis Maciuszek

Dear readers, Alien Nation lives! Maybe not currently on FOX, but there are still new viewers discovering A.N. by its re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel and Space in Canada. The whole, newly subtitled, series is now on SkyPerfecTV (http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp) in Japan. German channel VOX (http://www.vox.de - sign their guestbook, they do answer questions) has bought four A.N. telefilms. Body and Soul ("Die neue Generation") aired on 2nd July. News are they will also be showing "Earth: Final Conflict" in winter. If you don't find the "Alien Nation Unofficial Companion" in Germany, you can order it from: MEDIA MAN, Reinhold G. Schmidt, Peter-Vischer-Weg 6, 91586 Lichtenau - for DM 33 + postage (they send out free catalogues). Moreover, Alien Nation lives on in exciting fan projects on the Internet...

Alien Nation Fanfic Novel Writer and A.N. fan Linda N. Hobbs is working on a huge Alien Nation mystery story featuring all original characters. What did really happen to the alien spaceship after its crash in the Mojave desert? I have put the first two chapters ("The Telling" and "Improbabilities") on my homepage at http://www.tu-bs.de/~y0003231/alien_nation/conan.html. Give Linda some feedback on her work, write to conan@pcisys.net. You will also find new A.N. stories taken from the Click and Hum magazine on http://members.tripod.com/~Click_and_Hum.

Gayle Highpine's Set Reports

Gayle acted as a Tenctonese extra in Body and Soul's sex class graduation scene. Many of you will recall the T.P. article (1995) about her adventures on the set. She has written another (18 parts!) report that chronicles every detail - the stars she met, Matt's appartment from the inside, the make-up procedure etc. You won't get a better insight into the production of an A.N. movie (unless you've been there yourself...). This is also quite funny to read: http://www.tu-bs.de/~y0003231/alien_nation/gayle.html - send Gayle some feedback at g.highpine@genie.com.

The Bureau of Newcomer Affairs

Lots of new features have been added to Tony Heald's "Spotty Head" website (now at http://freespace.virgin.net/antony.heald), among them a downloadable Windows 95/98 desktop theme. And, there is now a useful link to the very Bureau of Newcomer Affairs' database. Yes, like Matt and George on TV, you're now able to access the file of every officially registered Tenctonese citizen via your Internet computer! If there are Newcomers Among Us who have not been registered during quarantine, it is recommended you contact the BNA at antony.heald@virgin.net now... In other words: You can send Tony a scanned passport photo to have it 'tentonized' and be put on his homepage. There are already some familiar faces. And if you like, include a description of your Tenctonese character. Send other contributions for "Spotty Head" (story ideas, Newcomer names...) to the same address.

The Alien Nation Webring

http://www.cynetcity.com/twilightzone/337/index.htmll is the new home of Chris Doty's "Little Tencton" - time for another visit! Chris has also created The Alien Nation Webring which will keep track of the many A.N. webpages and hopefully bring more fans together. A webring links WWW pages of one topic to each other. Please, if you have created an A.N.-related website, join the Ring, it's quite easy. Just follow the instructions at http://www.cynetcity.com/twilightzone/337/ring.html (download the image, fill in the form and put in your main page the HTML fragment you receive via e-mail). When navigating through the Ring ('next page', 'random page' etc), you will sooner or later step through the "Tencton Portal", another great A.N. website (by Marina Bailey) that has been updated. Find her huge list of quotes from Alien Nation and more at http://www3.fast.co.za/~tmar/ci5/anation.htm. See you next issue.

Have you created a website or know of a good one ? I want to know about it. Please send your messages (comments, questions...) to D.Maciuszek@tu-bs.de (subject: TENCTON PLANET).