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ALIEN NATION (THE MOTION PICTURE): When detective Matt Sykes' partner Bill Tuggle is killed by a Tenctonese in a robbery, Matt takes George Francisco, the first of the alien Newcomers to be appointed a detective as his new partner, in the hope that it will improve his chances of finding the killer. The trail leads the two of them to a Tenctonese business man who is producing a drug, SS'JABROKA, that causes a frightening transformation in the Newcomers.

ALIEN NATION (TV FILM/SERIES PILOT): The Francisco's move into their new home, in a middle-class suburb but face a campaign of hatred against them, which mirrors the wider campaign being run by the Purists against all of the alien Newcomers. At school, Emily is the only Newcomer and facing hostility from the other children, while Buck has joined a Tenctonese street gang. At the police precinct the relationship between George Francisco and Matt Sikes is still strained and becomes worse as the body of a human tramp, who has died of a mysterious disease is found. Then a strange and horrible creator is seen prowling the back streets of little Tencton. Click here for an extract from the "Alien Nation Pilot" script.

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: A Newcomer police officer is wounded while saving George Francisco's life. At the hospital Matt meets an old college friend who has become the foremost expert on Tenctonese medicine. However, when the wounded officer suddenly dies while undergoing minor surgery and George finds out that he was not the first to inexplicably die, Matt and George decide to find out what is really going on at the hospital.

LITTLE LOST LAMB: Matt is reluctantly persuaded by George to take in a young Tenctonese prostitute who has been threatened by her pimp. When the pimp catches up with the young girl and kills her in Matt's apartment, Sikes sets out for vengeance. Meanwhile, George's uncle Moodri turns up, to help Buck through a crises.

FIFTEEN WITH WANDA: George and Matt are both having family problems. George's son, Buck, is still trying to leave his Newcomer street gang, while Matt's daughter Kirby has got a spaced-out boyfriend and wants to drop out of high school, but all his ex-wife, Victoria, can do is harangue him. Meantime, they are both stuck in a motel, guarding a Newcomer who has witnessed a murder committed by gangland boss. But their Tenctonese witness has taken SARDONAC and has only one thought on his mind, escaping so that he can spend time with his girlfriend, Wanda.

THE TAKEOVER: Los Angles is ablaze with riots and the police department at full stretch. Matt and George are left in control of the station, when further trouble develops. Then as Matt is called away, a gang attack the police station, with only George, Albert and Susan to put up a defence. The rest of the gang want money, drugs and guns but the female Newcomer who is with them wants something much more powerful.

THE FIRST CIGAR: George is having problems with the tax man and approaches a local Tenctonese business women, Bettsy Ross who has become friendly with him. Matt suspects that Bettsy Ross is not all she seems. Could there be some connection between Ross and the current "Jack" drug gang wars?

THE NIGHT OF SCREAMS: Newcomers are being murdered and mutilated in a way which conforms to a Newcomer legend. As Halloween nears more and more bodies are found. George sees the legend of Tagdot coming true, while his personal feelings clash with his job as a police detective.

CONTACT: George and Susan decide to have another child. However, when a leading scientist is murdered Sikes and Francisco uncover a plot by the Purists and an Overseer to contact a probe that has come looking for the lost Newcomer ship, threatening both the Tenctonese and the Humans. At the same time Matt and Cathy get to know each other better as they share details of their past.

THREE TO TANGO: Matt is astounded at certain anatomical differences from the normal Newcomer in a murder victim. George explains that he was a Binnaum, necessary to catalyse conception. When further Binnaums are killed, Sikes and Francisco have to look for the culprit in the least expected of places. Meanwhile, Albert does not realise, when he agrees to be the Binnaum for George and Susan, that he may be next on the killer's list. Also George starts his match-making between Matt and Cathy.

THE GAME: It is the annual Newcomer holiday, the day of descent. While the rest of his family and even Matt celebrate, George remembers the horrors he endured on the ship, playing a kind of Russian roulette. Then he and Sikes begin uncovering bodies that look as if the game is now being played on Earth.

CHAINS OF LOVE: Someone is killing users of the Newmate Computer dating agency, which caters for Newcomers. Sikes and Francisco find that a drug, SARDONAC, which makes Newcomers fall instantly in love, is being used to trap the victims. Sikes gets a first hand demonstration of its effectiveness, when Marvin Gardens, a Newcomer male who was to be the next victim, falls in love with him.

THE RED ROOM: Matt is trying to avoid taking a department wide psychological test, but George has more serious things on his mind when he is disturbed that he recognises a murdered Newcomer but cannot place him. More killings occur and a secret from George's past in "camp 7" is gradually revealed, involving a top-secret government programme.

THE SPIRIT OF '95: The humans are holding a nation-wide ballot to determine whether the Newcomers should be allowed to vote. Susan and Buck become campaign workers, for a yes vote, but then are put in danger when the campaign by the Newcomers comes under attack. Sikes and Francisco investigate and find that politics can be a very dirty game.

GENERATION TO GENERATION: The skeleton of a Newcomer who fell from the slave ship just before it crashed is found. Nothing suspicious appears to have happened, but what was he protecting? Then an alien box belonging to the Newcomer elders is sold at an antique auction. George's uncle Moodri seems desperate to return it to the elders, since it contains a prized Newcomer's secret. But every time someone opens the box they are burnt to death.

EYEWITNESS NEWS: When a Newcomer, Virginia Ham, working for a video pornography company appears to be murdered Sikes and Francisco are sent to find out the truth. Meanwhile, the Francisco family are having a television documentary made about them. This leads to conflict between Matt and George, as the TV crew start to interfere with the investigation.

PARTNERS: George witnesses an underworld Kingpin commit murder, soon afterward Matt's old partner, Theo Miles, asks he and George to help in a drugs bust, but as Susan and George prepare to exchange their pod, George is accused of stealing three hundred thousand dollars worth of Jack. Matt sets out to find the true culprit.

REAL MEN: George is pregnant and entering the last phase before giving birth, but he insists on continuing working, as Sikes and Francisco start to investigate a body-builder ring using Newcomer hormones to improve their performance. Nick Coletta, an old friend of Matt's comes to stay, causing jealousy when he asks Cathy for a date.

CROSSING THE LINE: Matt is all set to go on vacation when a young woman is killed by a psychopath, reminding him of an old case from his days on the beat, where his failure to act promptly resulted in him being wounded and a young nurse being killed. Sikes cancels his vacation and swears to track down the killer, who is using Burns to get publicity.

REBIRTH: While fighting with a Newcomer thief, Matt is injured and seems to die. Later at the hospital, Matt revives after a vision of the thief standing over him with a crystal. Sikes' search for the truth brings back uncomfortable memories from his childhood and leads him to the LUIBOF, a Tenctonese religious cult.

GIMME' GIMME': George, Susan and Captain Grazer invest in a company making an ultra strong Tenctonese material, but when one of the company's owners is found dead in his pool, Matt and George are sent to investigate. George finds out that all that glitters is not gold and Matt finds out that you should be careful what you wish for, when he gets a super new car.

THE TOUCH: The Overseers are trying to keep their order alive here on Earth. When they attempt to initiate a young Tenctonese boy into the Kleezantsun/ he runs away. The child winds up at the hospital where Cathy works and she recognises him as a youngster that she looked after on the slave ship. Unable to get Matt, George and Lorraine Clark to take the boy away from his supposed parents, she kidnaps him and goes on the run from both the Kleezantsun/ and the police.

GREEN EYES: Jealousy abounds as prominent Newcomers are being killed by the Purists. George has passed his detective grade two exam and now technically outranks Matt. When George starts to give Matt orders their friendship hits the rocks. At the same time, while Matt's feelings for Cathy are still confused, they seem to be finally be coming together, but after a disastrous diner date Cathy announces that since he can not accept her for what she is, she wants to break off their relationship.

Green Eyes ends with the Francisco's being poisoned by the Purists and Cathy going to tell Matt, only to find him with another women. The cliff-hanger ending was supposed to lead naturally into the second series. However, for reasons that have never been fully explained, the series was cancelled. Alien Nation has now been continued with Dark Horizon and other films. Click here to read the "GREEN EYES" script.

DARK HORIZON (TV FILM): Susan and Emily are both on life support machines after being poisoned by the Purists. When Cathy goes to break the news to Matt, she finds that he has sort solace from their break-up in the arms of a human women, Lorraine Clark. The Purists are mass producing a new bacteriological poison and will soon have enough to wipe out the entire Tenctonese race on Earth. Mean while, in the dark reaches of space even more malign forces are at work, as an elite Overseer is dispatched as the vanguard of a mission to locate and recapture the escaped Tenctonese and enslave the Human race. The CHEKKAH, Ahpossno can be charming as well as deadly and soon Matt has more than one reason to be suspicious of him. Click here to read the "DARK HORIZON" script.

BODY AND SOUL (TV FILM): A mysterious Tenctonese giant and his small child companion escape from a military complex and find their way to little Tencton, persued by their captors. When the child is taken into police custody a plot involving an evil Tenctonese scientist and a government conspiracy to create a super weapon come to light. In their desperation to suppress the truth, the government and the scientist, Chorbok, will go to any lengths, even killing George and his entire family. At the same time Matt tries to pursue a more physical relationship with Cathy, but finds he first has to take an evening class in alien sex - which he finds humiliating.

MILLENNIUM (TV FILM): A newcomer teaching aid and religious device (the portal box from Generation to Generation) is stolen from the elders. The portal, which appears to transport the user to exotic alien environments, is being used as an hallucinogen by an unscrupulous cult leader. When Buck is drawn into the cult and joins the increasing number of missing people, Matt and George's search for him becomes more desperate. At the same time Matt thinks he has finally found a way to pass his detective 2 exam and Emily gets a human boyfriend. Click here to read the "MILLENNIUM" script.

THE ENEMY WITHIN (TV FILM): Strange happenings in the LA sewers with a bunch of Eenos. Why was Gayle Warnings running away and is the Eeno's waste recycling plant all it seems? No one's love life runs smoothly when Albert and May ask George to help them have a child, but Susan is not amused and Cathy moves in with Matt, which proves a shock for both of them. Click here to read "THE ENEMY WITHIN" script.

UDARA LEGACY (TV FILM): A Manchurian Candidate like tale, where Newcomers who were previously model citizens are committing bizarre crimes. Originally brainwashed to be used against the Overseers, someone is now using these people for their own ends. Things become more deadly when it is discovered that Emily is one of those who was brainwashed. At the same time Buck makes a decision about the future and joins the police and a deadly secret from Susan's past is revealed. Click here to read the "UDARA LEGACY" script.

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The Unfilmed Scripts

SOUL TRAIN: Effectively a first draft of Dark Horizon. It is without the Ahpossno character, who is replaced by Max Jullian, a police bomb expert who is in the pay of the purists. Soul Train concentrates on the attempts of George, Matt and Zepeda to find the purists. The friction between Matt and George is dealt with more fully and the Lorraine Clark character is shown rather more sympathetically. On the down side the concept of papayela is introduced, a collective sense of doom for the Newcomers that prevents them sleeping and starts to make some of them act irrationally. Since the Tenctonese are never shown as being psychic this is a non-sequitur. George and Matt's fight with the purists at the airfield is unchanged and when the threat has been removed, all of the Newcomers can finally fall asleep. Soul train ends at the point half way through Dark Horizon, where Cathy falls asleep on Matt's shoulder. Remember this was envisaged as one episode, not a film. On the whole Dark Horizon is a better telling of the same story. Click here to read the "SOUL TRAIN" script.

ON SEPARATE WAYS: Newcomer babies are being stolen and sold on the black-market. When one of the Newcomer babies is found in Paris, with it's "adoptive" human parents poisoned due to the Predeal effect George, Matt and Cathy are sent to investigate. As "the city of love" starts to work its magic Matt finally starts to get more romantic with Cathy. Back home Susan is being haunted by her experiences at "Landing Three", where the Overseers left sick babies to die. When the travellers return to L.A. Susan persuades George to use Vessna as bait in a last gasp effort to catch the kidnap gang's ring leader. Click here to read the "ON SEPARATE WAYS" script.

THE CHANGE: A Newcomer prisoner who George helped to put away has escaped and is looking for revenge. However, George is feeling far from his best and as his symptoms get worse he starts to drive Susan and Matt to distraction. When George causes a car crash, Matt persuades him to see Doc Tari, who diagnosis Gahsac. However, the thought of getting old proves too much for George and his behaviour gets even more eccentric as he dresses in Buck's clothes and tries to chat-up young girls. Meanwhile Buck is skipping school to study with the Elders and Zepeda looks for Jay Walker, the escaped prisoner. Susan asks Matt to keep an eye on George, who is by now going through the final stages of Gahsac and completely unaware that Walker is in the house, but Sikes' arrival fouls-up the escapee's plans and together the two detectives prove to be more than a match for Walker. Matt then finally has to help George through his change. Go to "Gahsac", a story version of this Alien Nation script. or Click here to read "THE CHANGE" script.

BODY AND SOUL (Original Version): A mysterious Tenctonese giant and his small child companion find their way to little Tencton, pursued by their captors. At the same time Matt tries to pursue a more physical relationship with Cathy, but finds he first has to take an evening class in alien sex - which he finds humiliating. No one's love life runs smoothly when Albert and May ask George to help them have a child, but Susan is not amused. This is the script that the Peter David novel is based upon and a much superior script to the one which was finally filmed, as is proved by all of the sub-plots finding their way into the successive Alien Nation films. Click here to read the "BODY AND SOUL" script.

CARRIER: A case involving a Tenctonese surrogate "mother" brings up some old memories for George and raises the possibility of Matt and Cathy having a child of their own.
While not a commissioned script, this piece is at least as good as some of the filmed Alien Nation episodes and can easily stand in this company. It is also a very good story. Click here to read the "CARRIER" script.

ULTIMATUM Emily is kidnapped

ONE NATION: INVISIBLE: Under cover cops are being killed, just as Sikes goes under cover to buy guns and the surveillance bug he has swallowed is more of a hinderence to his love life than a help to his police work. Meanwhile Francisco is having problems with his bank, whose computer has declared him dead.