Favourite Episodes

The Alien Nation episodes that are most people's favourites, in the ANAS, are: "The Pilot Episode" and "The Game". While there are no really bad episodes, most people's least favourite episodes are "Crossing The Line" and "Green Eyes", the later for obvious reasons.

Eric Pierpoint
"Real Men" and "The Game", but the baseball sequence in "The Touch" is his favourite scene.

Gary Graham
"Crossing the Line".

Michele Scarabelli
"Chains of Love".

Terri Treas
"The Touch" and "Real Men".

Lauren Woodland
"Three to Tango".

Jeff Marcus
"Three to Tango" and "Real Men".

Jeff Doucette
"Crossing the Line" and "The Pilot Episode".

James Greene
"Little lost Lamb".

Kenneth Johnson
"Real Men".

Craig Binkley (Prop Master)
"The Game".

Phil Gonzales (Original Publicist)
"Real Men".

Pete Chambers (ANAS Pres.)
"The Game" and "The Pilot Episode".

Connie Colvin (ANAS US co-ordinator)
"The Game" and "The Night of Screams".

Tim Gathercole (The guy writing this)
"Contact" and "Crossing the Line".

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