Suggested Letter to Fox

If you can't think what to put in your letter to the Fox network, asking them to keep Alien Nation on the air, why not copy the letter below and then send that?

Peter Roth President,
Twentieth Century Fox Television,
10201 W.Pico Boulevard,
Los Angeles,
CA 90035

Ref: Alien Nation


Dear Mr Roth,

As a fan of the Fox TV series (& Telemovies) Alien Nation, Implore you not to cancel this wonderfully original show for a second time.

Cancellation proved to be a big mistake in the early nineties,and subsequent telemovies went on to further endorse what a unique programme it is.

It's a successful show with so much more to offer, as a winner of many awards and rave reviews with huge world-wide fan base, I believe it's in Fox's best interest to keep Alien Nation alive in some form.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely