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(*) Starman was a science fiction series that started with the 1984 John Carpenter film and became a television series that ran between 1986 and 87. Starman the series has been shown in numerous countries and was regularly re-run on the Sci-Fi channel in both America and Europe.

Starman and Jenny Hayden From the original feature film, the Starman (Jeff Bridges) prepares to leave Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen), but he has left her with a special gift - a son.
In The Return, the 1st episode of the TV series, Scott Hayden, the son of Jenny Hayden and the Starman, accidentally communicates with his father, after his foster parents are killed. Returning to earth, the Starman clones the body of Paul Forrester, a photographer who has just died in a helicopter crash and finds his son. After convincing the boy of his true identity, they set off in search of Jenny. However, George Fox has been alerted to the Starman's return and begins the chase once again. Forrester is Cloned
Fox and Wylie In the episode entitled Blue Lights, Scott and his father are once again in trouble with the law when Scott's experiments with the metallic sphere he and his father use to concentrate their powers, causing a light show in the sky. Things seem to be going well for agents Fox and Wylie when they learn of this and persuade the local sheriff to put Forrester and his son in jail.
Scott experiments During the series both the Starman (right) and Scott (left) get the chance to use their spheres.

Starman uses his sphere

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