STARMAN Fan Fiction

I am looking for more Starman fan fiction to put on these pages. If you have a story you would like to share with a wider audience please post it to me, at I don't guarantee to publish every story, but if you don't send it, it definitely won't appear here!

(*)In Your Dear Highness' Love. A story by Gayle Highpine. This story is based on the episode "Secrets" and assumes the reader has seen that episode.

(*)The Clone. A story in 2 parts by Deb Gallagher & Gayle Highpine.

(*)The Best Gift of All. By Effie Burton.

(*)A Reason to Live. A Starman/Highlander cross-over story, in 7 parts, by Effie Burton.

(*)Captured.A story in 3 parts by Effie Burton.

(*)Mankind's Future. A Starman/Time Trax cross-over story, by Effie Burton.

(*)Christmas Cookies. By Effie Burton.

(*)Happy Family. A story in 2 parts by Sandra McDonald.

(*)Why do they hate me? A story in 3 parts by Effie Burton.

(*)Extinction. By Bruce R. Jividen.

(*)Interlude. By Deb Gallagher.

(*)Friends Forever. A Starman/Lois & Clark cross-over story in 5 parts by Effie Burton.

(*)Together. By Effie Burton.

(*)A New Beginning. By Effie Burton.

(*)No Greater Love. By Effie Burton.

(*)Wylie Time. A Starman/Quantum Leap cross-over story in 3 parts by Gayle Highpine.

(*)Showdown at Freedom park. By Julie Everett.

(*)A Dream Come True. By Julie Everett.

(*)Caught In The Middle. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Fox On The Run. By Zena Uzep.

(*)One Christmas Eve. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Scott, Why...? By Zena Uzep.

(*)Scott, Why II...? By Zena Uzep.

(*)Scott, Why III...? By Zena Uzep.

(*)Tattoo. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Teach Your Children. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Visions. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Crazy Like a Fox. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Crazy Like a Fox II. By Zena Uzep.

(*)The Trap. By Zena Uzep.

(*)Obligations. By Linda Ratoff.

(*)Sons and Fathers. By Linda Ratoff.

(*)The Fox Hunt. By Linda Ratoff.

(*)A Study in Green. By Linda Ratoff.

(*)Judgement Call. A Starman/Stargate cross-over story by Zena Uzep.

(*)A Time For Everything. By Zena Uzep.

(*)What's in a Name. A Starman/Stargate cross-over story by Zena Uzep.

(*)Live Free or Die By Zena Uzep.

(*)Twins By Chuck S.

(*)A Star by Any Other Name By Nina M. Pan.

(*) Friends of My Father By Nina M. Pan.

(*)Bad Day By Zena Uzep.

(*)The Winner Is (Sequel to "Live Free Or Die") By Zena Uzep.

(*)A Starman for the Ages By Chuck S and Nina Pan.

(*)Family Musings By Chuck S and Nina Pan.

(*)Another Star Family By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Blue Lights of a Small Town By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Memories of the Past By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Recycled Dreams By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Reunion 2020 By Yvette Jessen.

(*)The Outcast By Yvette Jessen.

(*)The Reflections of Jenny By Yvette Jessen.

(*)The Sounds of Silence By Yvette Jessen.

(*)The Wise Men of the Sea By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Through the Basement Door By Yvette Jessen.

(*)Visitors and Voices By Yvette Jessen.

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If you would like to read some general fiction on the 'net, click here. Other good links are Project Gutenberg, Calibre and TUEBL

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