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Original motion picture soundtrack, digitally mastered.
Music composed by Jack Nitzsche.
Distributed by MCA. Catalog# is VCD 47220.  (I think VCD may refer to Varese Sarabande Compact Discs.)
John Carpenter's STARMAN (c) 1984 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Manufactured by Victor Musical Industries (JVC), Tokyo, Japan for Varese Sarabande Records, Inc., 13006 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, CA  91605

(*) Track Listing:

  1. Jenny Shot
  2. Here Come The Helicopters
  3. Honeymoon
  4. Road Block
  5. Do You Have Somebody?
  6. Pickup Truck
  7. What's It Like Up There?
  8. All I Have To Do Is Dream (performed by Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen)
  9. Lifting Ship
  10. I Gave You A Baby
  11. Morning Military
  12. Define Love
  13. Balls
  14. Starman Leaves/End Title

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More Starman Music - Songs of Starman

Also available is a professionally mastered tape produced by the Starman fans. It includes music from the Starman series, with full copyright permission, plus both original songs and lyrics to episodic music.

(*) The tape, called "Songs of Starman", costs $10/US, $12/Canada & Mexico, $15 overseas.  All cheques should be in US currency. To order or for further details please contact:

Lynda Sappington
15401 Eaton Pike West
Alexandria OH 

E-Mail :

(*) Thanks for the above information goes to Todd Andrews and Lynda Sappington.

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